Probiotic Nutritional Supplements

Products to help you thrive

Probiotic Nutritional Supplements

Products to help you thrive

clinically proven


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Bring Balance to Your Skin Biome and Beauty to Your Being

Increase hydration and strengthen the skin’s natural protection barrier

Balance the gut microbiome for increased digestive function

Fight chronic inflammation from the inside out

You may know that probiotics are great for providing relief from gastrointestinal discomfort, but studies also reveal that probiotics or beneficial bacteria are essential to our overall good health. Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits to the host when ingested in adequate amounts.

The Probiotic Advantage – Strain Matters

In probiotics, strain matters. Our products contain the patented strain of Lactobacillus casei KE-99, which is superior to 80 other strains of bacteria and has the following characteristics:

  • First and foremost, the probiotic must survive the gastric transport- meaning that the stomach acids do not kill the probiotic.
  • The probiotic survives for an extended period in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing it to colonize and exert beneficial effects by displacing invasive or toxigenic bacteria through competitive binding processes. (As a side note, CFU on probiotic descriptions stands for “colony-forming unit,” the measurable unit used to count the number of live bacteria in one serving of a dietary probiotic).
  • The probiotic is shelf-stable and has superior revivability. They are immediately available to be used by the body.
  • The probiotics adhere to the gut lining in the intestines and stabilize the gut-mucosal barrier allowing for better absorption of nutrients and preventing inflammation caused by a “leaky gut.”

Probiotic-Based Skincare

Transform Your Dermal

Our postbiotic broth is a nutrient-rich concentrate teeming with over 21 essential amino acids, metabolites, vitamins & minerals to nourish your skin

Probiotic-Based Regimen Kits

Experience the Benefits of BeBella® or Calibra® Favorites Bundled Together

An ideal way to sample all BeBella ® and Calibra® topical probiotic-based skincare favorites or to continue your skin and body probiotic boosted regimen while you travel


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