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Calibra Probiotic Based Skincare Kit for Men


Calibra Probiotic Based Skincare Kit for Men

Calibra Probiotic Based Skincare Kit for Men is a simple 1-2-3 step for daily use. This system provides a great start to experience the power of patented probiotic extract skincare. Specifically formulated to increase hydration, optimize skin pH, and aid in providing an effective skin barrier against bad bacteria and pollution. This kit contains our foaming facial wash (for a smooth shave), our purifying toner to reduce excess oiliness, and our probiotic-based soothing gel essence to reduce razor bumps. All products are water-based and absorb deeply into the skin. Works best when coupled with our Calibra oral supplements- Vicina- a Collagen booster to help maintain your skin’s plumpness and elasticity or Gleam, to increase brightness and even-out skin tone. This kit comes in a biodegradable bag.

Facial Wash – net wt.: 0.50 Fl oz
Purifying Toner -net wt.: 1.0 Fl oz
Facial Essence- net wt. : 0.50 FL oz

How to use these products:

Start with the facial wash, apply a small amount to your fingertips with warm water, and massage until foaming. These products are concentrated so apply sparingly. Next, pat a small amount of toner onto your face- using a cotton pad is the best way to remove any excess dirt or debris left after washing (the toner is alcohol-free ), the last step towards clearer skin- apply a small amount of facial essence to your entire face and neck. This is a leave-in product that soothes and relieves redness and forms a protective shield against bad bacteria and toxins. See easy! Now, keep it up, and you should see the difference within a week of daily use.


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