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Science has only just begun to understand the prominence of microbes and, more particularly, bacteria’s reach into every aspect of our health. Human cells are outnumbered by bacterial cells in our bodies- by A LOT- in fact, by almost 30% more! This knowledge should not horrify you but should prompt your curiosity. It makes absolute sense when you consider that humans, microbes, and bacteria have evolved together in a mutually beneficial relationship- we depend upon them, and they rely upon us. You probably have heard the term “microbiome” in conversations regarding health and wellness, but what is it? The microbiome is a collection of all microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes that naturally live on our bodies and inside us. Although there are many biomes within and on the body, we are particularly interested in the Gut microbiome, the Dermal Microbiome, and the Vaginal Microbiome. Why is the microbiome important? The microbiome is the key regulator of the immune system. Its function is to maintain homeostasis within the body or, more simply, the maintenance of a steady internal life.

Probiotics, prebiotics, parabiotics, and postbiotics in our gut and skin are deeply symbiotic, constantly communicating within the various microbiomes or internal ecosystems to influence the body’s wellness. Our microbes control our collective being: our health and vitality, our immune system and mood, and yes, even the condition of our skin. The balance of our bacteria is essential to the proper functioning of our immune and nervous systems, the bacteria linking the microbiomes of the body and the gut-brain-skin axis.

Discover the Different Aspects of Probiotic Bacteria Below:


Prebiotics are non-viable food components (like carbohydrates) that confer health benefits for the host associated with microbiota modulation.


Probiotics are non-pathogenic living microorganisms that confer a health benefit on the host when administered in adequate amounts.


Both parabiotics and postbiotics garner scientific interest due to their clear chemical structures, safety dose parameters, long shelf life, and various signaling molecules.

The founders of BeBe & Bella, LLC have developed an innovative and symbiotic line of probiotic-based skincare and personal care products to enhance microbial equilibrium internally and externally for sustainable beauty. Wellness is the primary goal for BeBe & Bella. Beauty will follow.

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