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Free Shipping on all orders within the us

Probiotic Purifying Facial Toner


Probiotic Purifying Facial Toner

After thoroughly cleansing your skin, BeBella® Probiotic Facial Toner works to remove any additional residue left after washing one’s face. Many people skip this step but once you incorporate this into your regimen, you will see the difference. This step in cleansing helps to reduce the appearance of the size of your pores, making the skin look clear and flawless. Our tone does not contain alcohol and will not dry out your skin, on the contrary, it prepares your skin to accept and deeply absorb the active ingredients of the products to follow. This is an important step in the layering system.

Net Weight: 5 fl oz | 150 ml


Removes any cleanser residue. Noticeably refreshes and revitalizes the skin. Tones and reduces the appearance of pores. Prepares the skin for better absorption of the active ingredients that follow.



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3 reviews for Probiotic Purifying Facial Toner


    I use the entire line and love it! I use the toner on damp skin immediately after cleansing.

      Sue Ellen Collins

      I use the toner in the morning and, even with a 10X mirror and an extremely critical eye, I can’t see my pores at all. All of this is accomplished without drying out sensitive skin. Another fabulous product from BeBe and Bella!


        After cleansing I apply the facial toner. It makes my face feel refreshed and reduces the appearance of pores. I can especially tell the difference on my nose area.

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