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BeBella Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream


BeBella Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream

BeBella’s Hydrating Night Cream immediately melts into your skin, leaving it quenched, nourished, and hydrated. Wake up to skin that still feels moist and supple the next morning. It is the perfect remedy to address a compromised skin barrier that has been over-exfoliated, dried by retinoids, and exposed to seasonal changes. The unique properties of this dual probiotic lysate formulation are combined with antioxidants, Vitamin E and Squalane to literally lock in the moisture supporting your skin’s natural recovery. When one’s skin microbiome is strong and balanced, the skin can defend itself against external aggressions such as bad bacteria, toxins, and pollution. Experience immediate soothing relief from the dryness, cracked skin, and itchiness associated with chronically inflamed skin caused by rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Bring balance to your biomes and beauty to your being with BeBella.

  • This deeply moisturizing cream is light enough to be used either day or night.
  • Water-based, non-greasy formula
  • Rapidly penetrating cream visibility reduces wrinkles, increases plumpness, and brightens the skin


Instant absorption into your skin leaving it hydrated and soft. Aids in prompting healthy skin cell recovery. Restores skin radiance. Skin texture appears firmer.


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6 reviews for BeBella Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream

    Marlene Baum

    I tried the Hydrating Night Cream after using the same cream for years. I am convinced this cream is my new miracle.
    People close to me have asked if I had work done!! My husband wants to try it now. If he likes it my second jar will be ordered right away.
    I do not want to run out. This is a great find. LOVE IT.

    • Skin Type: Dry
    • Age (Not Published): Age 65 or over

    Heather Long

    CAN’T. LIVE. WITHOUT. The Hydrating Night Cream is the mother ship of all night creams! It provides a moisture seal on my face the entire night without the weight and shine of heavy, greasy night creams. I’m amazed in the morning how my skin still is holding the moisture, especially in the dry winter. If you have any eczema or psoriasis, this product will help lock in moisture like no other product and helps subdue any facial dry patches. I’m in love!


      Finding this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.


        Fabulous night cream!

          Sue Ellen Collins

          The product I always. must. have. Always! The Hydrating Night Cream softens and moisturizes throughout the night and you wake up with silky, smooth skin. People compliment my skin often, and the combination of BeBe and Bella products does provide a real glow.


            The night cream is one of my favorite products from this line. As it advertises it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft and again a little goes a long way.

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