Probiotic Facial Essence Stick

Probiotic Facial Essence Stick

Probiotic Facial Essence Stick


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The BeBella® probiotic Facial Essence Stick is perfect to refresh the look of the woman on the go. It is our Essence formula with the added punch of lifting lipid polymers packaged in a novel easy to carry lipstick style container. Apply directly to reduce your puffy eye area or to soften your frown lines. The Essence instantly absorbs without smudging over makeup and without leaving a greasy residue. We love using this product especially after a long plane trip since it provides almost instant soothing results.

Net Weight:

0.35 fl oz | 9g

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Refreshes. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eye area. Aids in providing an even skin tone by encouraging rapid cell turnover.

How to use this product

Apply to face before or after makeup, wherever and whenever you need to freshen up.

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    June 11, 2017

    The facial essence stick is a perfect pick-me -up for my busy schedule. It carries easily in my bag ready for a quick swipe under the eyes instantly leaving me feeling hydrated and energized to meet the challenges of my day with confidence. I wear contact lenses and usually avoid getting any cosmetics near my eyes, but this product leaves no greasy residue to my face or eyes. The stick feels like a fresh breeze on my face!

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