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Calibra Freeze Dried Probiotic Essence Treatment with Activator


Calibra Freeze Dried Probiotic Essence Treatment with Activator

Pure Probiotics power your skin’s natural ability to re-balance itself and to reveal your own radiant and healthy look. Our patented freeze-dried probiotics are vacuumed sealed until you are ready to activate with our Calibra activator. This product has a watery consistency but do not be misled – it is great treatment to help reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation and hydrate. The freeze-dried essence is a gentle exfoliator that sloughs off dead skin cells allowing radiant skin to beam through. This is a simple way to evoke a “wow” response. Use the applicator tip to dot the face and neck with the essence, pat over the face with one’s fingertips, use twice daily for a period of  7-10 days after throughly cleansing the skin but before moisturizer. This is a leave on product.


Our Probiotic Freeze Dried Essence defends against visible signs of aging such as uneven skin tone and dullness while reducing the appearance of visible pores and wrinkles. It acts to strengthen the skin’s own protective barrier against environment stressors and free radicals.


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2 reviews for Calibra Freeze Dried Probiotic Essence Treatment with Activator

    Elizabeth M.

    I recently got the new peel “red carpet facial” my face was very dry and raw after. Any products with alcohol, citrus, retinals are not allowed while your skin is healing. I was introduced to this product to use after microneedling to accelerate my healing. So I knew I could use this for my skin after my peel to maximize my results. The hyaluronic acid helps hold moisture and the probiotics help cell renewal. I put the product in a spray bottle and put on 2x a day followed by the Bebella moisturizer. After the 7 days, my skin looked amazing.

      Dawn Williamson

      I had a bad rash on my chest after having surgery caused by moister being trapped due to my compression bandages. The dermatologist wanted to put me on steroids and antibiotics my friend recommended the freeze dried essence. I put it in a small spray bottle and sprayed on the infected area that evening in the morning the redness was gone but I still have some raised bumps by the next morning they were gone just dry patched. Every thing was back to normal in 4 days and my chest was smooth with the added bonus of being wrinkle free.

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