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Calibra Probiotic Starter Kit- for men


Calibra Probiotic Starter Kit- for men


Did you know that your gut and your skin talk to each other? Clear the path for better communication with Calibra’s patented probiotic-based topicals and Gleam probiotic supplements. Calibra® topical skin products contain a proprietary combination of the ferment filtrates of two proprietary probiotics. This kit includes the basics to help break the cycle of excess sebum (your natural oils) production, clumping, and abnormal shedding of the cells surrounding the hair follicles which condition enables P.acnes bacteria to colonize. The body’s immune response is inflammation and redness. This kit contains Calibra facial wash, Calibra facial toner, Calibra facial essence, and probiotic supplement Gleam all in a biodegradable bag.
Calibra topicals are important in:
 Activating the skin microbiome’s innate immunity which provides a protective shield against many skin pathogens and particularly bad bacteria
 Increasing the presence of lactic acid on the skin by lowering the pH of the skin acid mantle to the normal and healthy range of 4.5 to 5.5 pH.
 Decreasing dryness by increasing skin hydration and moisture retention
 Calming the skin by blocking the triggering of the skin’s immune system response that results in inflammation and redness.

Calibra’s ® probiotic Gleam® Oral Supplements work in tandem with the topicals promoting a healthy gut microbiome Inside and Out:
 Our patented Lactobacillus Casei survives the gastric transport and has superior adhesion and colonization in the gastrointestinal tract,
 Helps restore immunologic balance in the gut,
 Inhibits Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
 Forms an internal protective barrier within the intestine reducing instances of “leaky gut” in the epithelial lining
 Increases positive attitude (reference the gut-skin-brain axis)

Directions of Use

All topical products are very concentrated so use sparingly. Wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Apply toner next with a cotton pad. This is a non-alcoholic product so it should not sting your skin. Next, apply the gel-like Calibra facial essence over your face and neck. Repeat twice daily. We recommend that you take 2 capsules of Gleam probiotics at night for the best results. This kit should provide 30 days of use.

Our topicals are formulated in America but manufactured under the exacting standards of Japan. Our Oral Supplements are manufactured in America.

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