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Free Shipping on all orders within the us

Our Story

BeBe & Bella was started by three creative women, who also happen to be family.

Beauty through Innovation

The family business, founded in the mid 1950’s, is pharmaceuticals, with an emphasis in nutritional supplements and probiotics. Rose and her daughters, Linda and Allison, have had a lifelong commitment to well being and overall health. Living in the sunny South, all three understand that proper skincare is an essential aspect of everyday life. In 2013 they became business partners creating the groundbreaking probiotic based skin care company – BeBe & Bella, LLC.

Research is still uncovering the full potential of probiotics. For centuries, Japanese and other cultures have consumed yogurt for its beneficial effects, which essentially contained these microorganisms that we call probiotics. It is well established that they balance intestinal flora and improve digestive health. There is evidence that probiotics enhance the quality of the skin and brain function. Allison, in her role as CEO for the pharmaceutical company, was auditing the growing and harvesting of the patented probiotic strain. Allison, an innovator at heart, was curious to have the probiotic components tested to see if they possessed any hidden benefits for new applications. Based on in-vivo testing, her hunch was proven correct as the probiotics were identified as having remarkable skin restorative attributes.

The idea was sparked to harness the full potential of the probiotics and its components as the basis of a skincare regimen…and BeBe & Bella was born! As a crucial element, BeBe & Bella includes probiotic supplements as part of its skincare regimen. Beauty truly does start from within and the balanced internal health of a person will be reflected in a luminous complexion.

The merging of Allison’s two young daughters’ names, BeBe and Isabella, were the inspiration for creating the brand name BeBe & Bella skincare.

Beauty Proven by Testing

The initial test group, consisting of extended family and friends, found that a month of use resulted in noticeable softening of facial wrinkles, the appearance of less redness and irritation, and overall brighter, firmer supple skin. A clinical study evaluating the products in a controlled setting, yielded the same extraordinary findings. After 4 weeks of use, twice a day, the following results are:

improvement of the
appearance of
photo-damaged skin

increased skin hydration

improvement of the skin barrier function

smoothing of the
appearance of
facial wrinkles and

softening of skin

The greatest testament to these products is that they work! The BeBe & Bella founders use it themselves- every day. Their motto is:

Keep the laughter, not the lines ™

Beauty for All Women

BeBe & Bella is a company created by women for women. They face the same daily stresses as you and know what the challenges of balancing a career, children, and life in general can do to one’s health and appearance. They understand that when you have a glowing complexion, it radiates self-confidence and strength- true beauty. All women deserve the opportunity to do it all and look good while doing it. BeBe & Bella is you!



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