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Free Shipping on all orders over $50

Super Glo Duo – BeBella Freeze Dried Essence and Facial Essence


Super Glo Duo – BeBella Freeze Dried Essence and Facial Essence


Super Glo Duo! We want you to look your best and maximize your glow naturally. For a limited time enjoy our two skincare genius products containing our highest percentage of probiotic ferment filtrates at a reduced price of $ 60.00. The combination provides gentle non-drying exfoliation for sensitive or impaired skin types. 

Step 1: Use the Freeze-Dried Essence to:
* Shed dead skin cells
* Enhance skin cell regeneration
* Improve skin tone and complexion

Activate the power of probiotics by adding the catalyst to the freeze-dried product- apply over your entire face and neck twice a day for 7 -10 days ( for the best results use this product continuously, day and night for 7-10 days). This is a leave-on product.

Step 2: Use the Essence to:
* Hydrate and lock in moisture
* Smooth the skin
* Reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation
* Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Types: Appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities.

What do our customers say?
“After the 7 days, my skin looked amazing! The facial essence seems to lock in moisture and only requires a small amount for complete coverage.” – Elizabeth M.

I really noticed the difference in my skin with the essence when I ran out and used something else for a few months. Now that I am back to the essence my lines are less noticeable and my skin is brighter.”- Merideth

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