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Free Shipping on all orders overs $50 within the us


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$130 $75


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6 reviews for Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream

    Elizabeth M

    After the 7 days, my skin looked amazing! The facial essence seems to lock in moisture and only requires a small amount for complete coverage

    • Skin Type: Dry
    • Age (Not Published): Age 65 or over


    CAN'T. LIVE. WITHOUT. The Hydrating Night Cream is the mother ship of all night creams! It provides a moisture seal on my face the entire night without the weight and shine of heavy, greasy night creams. I'm amazed in the morning how my skin still is holding the moisture, especially in the dry winter. If you have any eczema or psoriasis, this product will help lock in moisture like no other product and helps subdue any facial dry patches. I'm in love!

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